We do femmeportant things.


Our Mission:

encouraging women to step into positions of positive leadership+ influence in their community.

We give women the tools to become positive leaders of influence in their communities through our four spheres; 

education; through sharing resources for educators and future students to obtain the education they desire.

encouragement; creating a bond through our active social media group, and placing our members in mentorship positions to encourage the next generation of successful women.

entrepreneurship: A hub where resources for current and aspiring entrepreneurs can go to launch their next big idea

election:  Vetted organizations that exist to help women run for office or run campaigns.



Our Mission

Women account for 52% of the SC population, and 33% of all business owners and in the US, a caucasian woman has to be asked 7 times to run for office before she files.  It takes an estimated 21 times to convince a woman of color to run for office. 

Our mission is to provide tools, resources and connections to women of all ages with dreams to chase, so that they can inspire and encourage the next generation of female leaders.

Step into the light, it's your time to shine.


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Our Impact

25 Events providing resources and fellowship to women across all walks of life

2 Adopted SC Deputies in the Greenville County Sheriffs Office $255 donation to women of the GSCO's Gifts Fund.

1015 tampons/maxi pads donated and distributed at the GCSO and to rehab facilities throughout Greenville

33 bags of Christmas toys for an under served  minority community 

1700 Members and counting

Creation of MomBoss Luncheons, allowing working moms to network freely with one another during lunch breaks.






With over 100 members joining us each month, our numbers keep rising!



Years Serving GREENVILLE, SC

We were launched by accident on July 28th, 2016 at On the Roxx, downtown Greenville when 47 women showed up to our low-key women's networking event at a woman-owned bar.




Our members have planned over 25 free educational events to share their gifts and knowledge with one another.  


Our Focuses

We exist not to replace any existing groups, but to be a toolbox of resources that will push women of all ages to step faithfully toward their life-long calling. Every woman has a purpose, but sometimes she just needs a little push. 

We are here to support organizations that support women, and shine a light on all the female good that exists in this world . Join us.


Leadership Education

Vetted leadership education programs in the Upstate that offer true guidance on how to lead your community.


Our Facebook group of over 1700 active Upstate SC Members is a safe place where you can ask questions and share important information.  Join + Post on our Femmeportant Job Postings group where opportunities often are shared first, before the public knows. Or browse our listing of women's groups and events happening in the Upstate.


Vetted resources and programs that assist entrepreneurs throughout the entire process from planning to funding to implementing and hiring.


Run for office, join a campaign or advocate for a cause you believe in through these existing resources.


October 2017

Femmeportant was created by Ashley Brown Strategy to help women believe in themselves by providing the necessary tools to their success. We serve as a hub of various resources and connections where women can use to answer basic questions. Starting a business- here's a PDF, here's an example of a business plan, here's a list of local organizations that offer grants/loans and advice, etc etc. We want every woman to feel femmeportant at the end of the day and to live out their purpose so that they can inspire the next generation of female leaders. 

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Get Involved

Every woman has a gift to share with the world.

 Regardless of time or money, there are a million ways how you can support Femmeportant's mission. 


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Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer with one of the many organizations in Greenville that we support. Please click the button below to apply your information and we will match you with the appropriate non-profit based on your skills and their needs.

Make a Donation

We will be taking donations once we are approved as a 501c3.  Our donations will be given in grant form to existing women's groups.