encouraging women to step into positions of positive leadership+ influence in their community.

We give women the tools to become positive leaders of influence in their communities through our four spheres; 

education; Sharing leadership education opportunities for women in the Upstate so they can grow where they are planted.

encouragement; creating a bond through our active social media group, and placing our members in mentorship positions to encourage the next generation of successful women.

entrepreneurship: A hub where resources for current and aspiring entrepreneurs can go to launch their next big idea

election:  Vetted organizations that exist to help women run for office or run campaigns.


ashley mason brown


Ashley Mason Brown launched Femmeportant the same week she began working full time for company, Ashley Brown Strategy, July 2016. When Ashley launched her company,  she knew a very limited amount of entrepreneurs in the Greenville community and felt frustrated by her lack of education on starting a business, and unawareness of local resources that would have made her life 10x easier. Through Femmeportant and years of networking, Ashley has been given access to resources and contacts that many women would never have access to.  She saw a huge need for women to increase their communication and interaction with one another across social stratospheres. For example, many women struggling with finances don't know there is a incredible free financial health program with Community Works that matches savings up to $500.  Women who grew up in low-income houses didn't believe they could run for office because they weren't rich. Cue- EmergeSC onto stage. Women believed they can't afford to start a business, cue- SBDC + Community Works again. Women in Greenville were socializing only with women who look like them- cue LeadHERGreenville. Women wanting to step into leadership roles were frustrated, cue LeadershipGreenville, Women Excel with Clemson University and Furman's Womens Leadership Institute. 

There are so many resources in Greenville if you are a minority woman. The problem was- most women didn't... and still don't know that these programs exists. Women from various backgrounds had access to information that could benefit the woman sitting across from them in church- and yet- no one was realizing that the information they had could change the life of their sister five feet away.

 Ashley realized there was a major need for a central location of resources that women in her community could use to chase their dreams and thus, Femmeportant was born. Originally named #GirlBossGreenville, Femmeportant has been re-branded out of respect to the original GirlBoss brand .

 Since it's inception, Ashley Mason Brown has given 20% of her time and resources back to Femmeportant to help other women feel the same freedom that Ashley felt, when she launched her company.  Femmeportant is for every woman, and Ashley wants to see more women step into positions of positive leadership + influence and use their power for good. #FemmeOn! 


Board Members

Alexandra Gonzalez         Amanda Harley        Angel King     Christen Clinkscales

Danielle Deming            Kelly VanLeeuwen       Monica McKiernan

Robin Shockley               Sarah Houston            Shelley Keim

Stacy Jacobs         Tiandra Wiggs       Charlotte Blue      Sarah Diggins

Maegan Garner       Holly Bridwell      Lori Rose       Berri Heinz

Kendra Elizabeth            Marjorie Dowd







we are a toolbox of local resources 

"Femmeportant showed me that I had the tools nearby to change my life despite my circumstances. "

— Donovan Mafnas, Volunteer